November 25, 2011

Favorite Things Friday - 11/25/11

Every Friday I am going to share some "favorite" with you.  Maybe a food, a tv show, a movie, or a product.
Today, I want to share my favorite cleaning product with you.

Norwex is a line of cleaning products that designed to reduce the amount of chemicals we use. This is important to some, not to others. Important to some for a greener way of life and helping the environment, or to others for health reasons.  For me, it is both. 

I have only been to one Norwex "party", which is where I purchased my Norwex Enviro Cloth and Window Cloth. 

I have loved them since the day I brought them home.  I now use my Enviro cloth to dust off that bottle of Windex collecting dust in my cupboard! I only purchase paper towels for covering food in the microwave. So, despite the financial investment of the Norwex clothes, I am sure that in the year and a half that I have owned them, I have already got my money back out of them, and I am not breathing in all the chemicals from cleaners, and throwing away countless paper towels.  My windows and mirrors always turn out perfectly streak free..... I never had that much success with any cleaner or deluxe paper towel.  I would constantly fight streaks. So, that is the second bonus of these clothes..  less irritation from streaks! 

If you have the opportunity to try them, I highly recommend them!

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