January 6, 2012

Favorite Things Friday

I think that maybe I am the last one to find out about the collage printing that you can now do with your pictures? Anyone else behind the times with me on this one?

I am such a fan of printing collage's right now, it's absolutely my favorite way to make prints. You can do it with Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Shutterfly.... I am sure that there are more, those are just the ones I have tried.   I had tons of fun making collages for Christmas.  Back in November, my boyfriend wanted me to takes some pictures of his semi.  I did, and he completely forgot that I took the pictures.  Sometimes I just love how he forgets things!  It made for the perfect Christmas gift!  I did use Walgreens for this collage, as they offered the biggest size option for me.  I made the following picture into a 24 x 36 print, and he just LOVED it.  He has it hanging above the tv right now, but it will get moved to his office this weekend!

Do be careful though, if you live in rural America and upload your pics to the store to pick up later.  A friend (nameless) of the recipient (boyfriend) of the gift could be standing right there, watch the print come off the machine, recognize something in the photo (truck) and ask (boyfriend) about the cool poster that he had made! Fortunately, the friend who remain nameless, realized this was a gift and quickly changed the subject.  Once again, my dear boyfriends, horrible memory worked to my advantage, and he forgot all about this conversation until after he admired the poster for some hours!

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