June 14, 2012

Crazy BBQ Chicken

Many many years ago, when I was still in the banking world, I had the pleasure of sharing my cubicle with a new hire. The bank was going through merger after merger, and we were expanding beyond belief. I trained in the new guy, and since we got along, and were short on desk space, we were assigned to share. It wasn't all bad sharing such close quarters, he liked talking food too! 

In all our bank time together, he shared one recipe with me, that I have kept with me to this day. It's simple, but perfect. It is my all time favorite way to grill chicken.

Here is the recipe, as he gave it to me.  Enjoy!

Crazy BBQ Chicken

1 Large Bottle 7-Up (I use the 2 liter bottle)
2 red onions - diced
4 large garlic cloves-diced
1 bottle soy sauce ( adjust to your taste on how much you want to use!)
Hot sauce (Optional)
2 chickens cut into pieces

Put all ingredients into an old paint bucket (I use 2 of my largest bowls for this part!).

Marinate for 5 or more hours.

Grill-Basting Once.

***Note*** This recipe is easily cut in half, if you aren't feeding a crowd!

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  1. Kris! That is a crazy recipe for sure! But I bet it is fabulous! It sure looks moist and juicy! Thanks for the link for the blue boots! I think I am going to order them! : )

  2. This looks good. I've marinaded chicken for a in a brine before but I love the idea of the soda. Need to try this. Sharing on my Walking on Sunshine FB page today. THank you for linking up with Foodie Friends Friday!

  3. This sounds good. Got to try this. I always use Italian Dressing and Apricot or Peach Jam to marinate chicken, but this sounds real good, too.

  4. Very different thanks for sharing at Foodie Friends Friday!