December 16, 2011

Favorite Things Friday - 12/16

I can remember the first time I had a boiled peanut, it was in Gafney, South Carolina.  I had told my cousin I wanted to try those boiled peanut things that Paula Dean was making on her show.  He obliged my request, and delivered a steaming cup of boiled peanuts from a local peach farm.   I tried 'em but was sooo not a fan!  A day later, and across another state line, I  changed my mind...  I did like those things and wanted to try them again!  I have been in love with my boiled peanuts ever since.  I have no idea why I obsess over all things southern, obviously they are so good, but I think it has to have something to do with being born down south?  My mom must have sat in these southern restaurants during her whole pregnancy chowin' down on all these awesome foods! Now, I just crave them all the time.

Like my love for Waffle House, loving Boiled Peanuts is a HUGE problem when you live in Wisconsin.  I go crazy for them when I am on vacation and can get my hands on 'em.  I beg and plead with friends and family going on vacation to bring them back for me (thank you all).  I order them, and have them delivered.  I have also ordered raw peanuts, and boiled 'em myself.  They are pretty good that way to, but this northerner can't compete with a southerner's cookin' skills.  

This week, I found the GREATEST thing at Walmart in LaCrosse, Wisconsin of all places..... you guessed it... they have stocked on their shelves... big ol' cans of boiled peanuts.  I hope they continue to sell 'em, I hope, I hope, I hope....  

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  1. Ooo, I love boiled peanuts. When my mom would go visit her family when I was a kid, she would always bring back some she had bought when they stopped at a Stuckeys. If you like the regular ones, you should try the Cajun ones. They're awesome!