December 30, 2011

Favorite Things Friday

I love the Blue Ridge Mountains.  They are absolutely breath taking.  I have only seen such a small area of them, but can say that I have had the pleasure of driving part of the Blue Ridge Parkway, and that is a drive I will never forget.  Given my choice of where to vacation, anywhere in the mountain range is going to be my first choice of destinations.  I would so love to pick up where I left off on the Parkway, and travel further on it.  

Some years ago, when I was relocating to this "Coulee Region", I had to laugh when I saw some of the hills here lovingly referred to as the Lil' Smokies.  These hills are a miniaturized version of the impressive Blue Ridge Mtns. Guess that is one of the reasons that I love this region.

A couple years ago, I found photographer Dave Allen on Facebook.  He is, by far, my favorite photographer from the Blue Ridge area.  I love his work, and am happy to say that besides having his calendars for a couple years, I even own one of his prints. 

Check out his website and take a look at his amazing work!

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