December 9, 2011

Favorite Things Friday - 12/9

Do you have that one favorite place to eat? Mexican, Italian, American? And what about that one favorite item on the menu? Cheeseburger, Echiladas, Mosticolli??  Everyone has that favorite food they can't wait to have... So, do I.  But, my favorite place to eat is Waffle House, a chain diner, and the nearest one is 315 miles away.  It's heartbreaking, that there isn't any closer.  Anytime I am on vacation, the one thing I must do is get my Waffle House fix. 

Waffle House is just another one of my southern loves and obsessions.  The funny thing about my love for this place, is I have never ordered a waffle from them.  My obsession with them begins with their hashbrowns. They have their own terminology for ordering, I always get mine, Scattered, Smothered and Covered.  Sometimes Capped.  What is that you ask???  "Scattered" on the grill, "Smothered" in onions, "Covered" with Cheese, and "Capped" in mushrooms.  They are the most amazingly scrumptious hashbrowns ever.  When I was reading on their website, they have served 1 MILLION more orders of hashbrowns, than they have of their signature waffles!  I am obviously not alone in thinking they are the best!  One last bit of trivia, according to an old version of their menu, with all the topping options, there were 1,572,864 ways to enjoy them!! You just can't go wrong.

My last visit to a Waffle House was in Corbin, Kentucky in September of 2010.  Doesn't look I will get to have my hashbrown's in 2011, but I know I will get 'em in 2012!!

If you ever have the chance to try 'em, please do!   If you know Waffle House.... How do you order yours???

I took this pic in Corbin, KY...  Sweet, sweet memories!!

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